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CryptoClimates x Alimo

There will be 2 auctions available, both starting at .7 ETH on Dec. 14th. For each auction, the winner will receive both the physical painting (24x24" in. canvas) by Alimo + NFC chip, along with the animated digital NFT linking classical with digital art. It's gonna be awesome.

How it works

Starting Dec. 14th, we'll be releasing both of these NFTs on OpenSea. There will be two separate NFTs: one surf, one snow. The winner of each NFT will also receive the physical painting created by Alimo.

• 24 x 24" in. acrylic painting on canvas
• Signed 1 of 1 by Alimo
• Comes with digital animated NFT
•Augmented reality using Artivive app
• NFC chip for authenticity
Auction starting at .7 ETH
• 24 x 24" in. acrylic painting on canvas
• Signed 1 of 1 by Alimo
• Comes with digital animated NFT
•Augmented reality using Artivive app
• NFC chip for authenticity
Auction starting at .7 ETH

AR powered by Artivive

As an owner of the physical, you will also get access to the animated piece using augmented reality. Download Artivive app, point the camera, and boom, you get the animated piece. On top of that, you can view the animated version anytime on OpenSea. Win, win situation.

The Story

Alimo and Megan both are part of The Ghost Club (an international group of artists in the web3 space). When we first met each other, our styles and ethos aligned right away: sustainability, quirky, and a fun message to relate to with our audience.

After Alimo launched his first genesis snow collection, he reached out to Megan to see if we could collaborate on a project. We talked about a digital piece way back in May, although the stars didn't align until around October to get the project out. That gap struck a new conversation: How can we bridge both digital and physical?

The idea was simple. Alimo would create a CryptoClimate derivative painting with his style, along with the digital piece. From there, Megan would take the digital version and animate it.

The result is a win for both parties. The winner gets a radical 1 of 1 original painting by Alimo, along with the digital collectible to go along with it.

Featured Artists: Alimo

Born and raised in Oregon, Alimo finds himself traveling all over the world to find inspiration to paint. His process relies on an obsession with interacting and interpreting the world around him. This process involves daily watercolor paintings and sketches on location to brain dump ideas, to then polishing compositions on both the computer and canvas.

Alimo is best known for his curvy post-pop imagery, highly saturated colors, vibrant hand-drawn letters, and worlds inhabited by figures arranged on flat tonal surfaces. His line-work blends both drawing and design with inspiration from the ocean to the mountains focusing on people interacting with their everyday selves. The art can typically be seen on paintings, prints, NFTs, murals, and merchandise. Alimo gets inspiration from the outdoors, snowboarding, surfing, exploring, photography, hanging with friends, and anything that provokes creativity.

His work can be seen with clients like Patagonia, Portland Trail Blazers, and 10 Barrel Brewing Co. to name a few. Always on the horizon for new clients that fit his environmental and sustainable ethos to create a new imagination for the world to see.


Hello! I'm Megan, creator of the CryptoClimates NFT collection on OpenSea.
CryptoClimates are, completely unique, 1:1 NFT Collectables that share a tier-based rarity system through animation. Each one minted is a little extension of my brain, sometimes inspired by Climate collectors favorite landmarks from around the Universe.​Rarity is based on the amount of animation each Climate plays. Within each series of ten, Climates display one-of-four tier levels.

Tier 1 : Common | 1 - 3  Atmospheric Animations-
Tier 2 : Uncommon | 2 - 4 Atmospheric and Surface Animations
Tier 3 : Rare |  3 - 6 Atmospheric, Surface, and Mantle Animations
- Tier 4 : Legendary | Tier 3 + Audio

Estimated Cap : 365Currently minted through the OpenSea Marketplace.

Properties include: Series | Tier | Animations | Editions | Featured Artists | Mini Series